A Good Man To Have On Your Side

Max Spooner is a WWII veteran. This book is about his sometimes humorous experiences in the air force and his confusion and anger towards a regime that rushed him off to war but denied him a drink in licensed premises on his return because he was Maori.

But that wasn’t the only challenge he faced on his return...

Bigger than life

"I decided to make a stew but the only thing the recipe book recommended to use was one of those pressure cooker things. I got everything right and got her up to pressure and then, the next thing all hell broke loose and I’ve got bits of stew and God knows what all over the ceiling and all over the floors.

I've never used a pressure cooker since and it took me a week to clean the whole kitchen up. I decided there was a better way to cook some decent food so Mrs Beaton taught me how to do a roast."
– Max Spooner

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Weaving the Strands