A Strange Live-aboarder – Life of a Ferro Fanatic

A committed live-aboarder for more than two decades, Chas Strange isn't just any seaman and the ships he most loves aren't just any ships. He is fanatical about ferro-cement. In addition to having built nine boats for himself he's a ferro hull surveyor and former Yachting Federation inspector. Not short on experience Chas made his first flotilla from totara fence posts when a boy in New Zealand's King Country.

A mix of narrative, philosophy, observation and quirky opinion, the work is decidedly unique so when the print run of A Strange Live-Aboarder sold out, we arranged the e-book in May 2015.

A Strange Live-aboarder - Life of a Ferro Fanatic

"The wind direction remained constant, building in ferocity to a recorded strength of 90 knots at Cape Reinga. God only knows what we experienced, accelerated by the slopes of Mt Camel. Suffice to say, you couldn't face into it and it removed a considerable amount of paint from my wheel house. The ship snubbed, jerked and shuddered, the halliards slapped a loud tattoo on the mast and the banshee wind screamed and whined through the rigging. There was no sea to speak of but we had done all we could. Sleep would definitely need a helping hand. Time to approach the liquor locker and get the back teeth awash ..."
– Chas Strange

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