The weavers

Weaving the Strands combines the complementary skills of Fiona Craig and Tony Kay. We have years of publishing experience and take pride in making the spark of an idea into a successful publication from start to finish. We love what we do and enjoy the privilege of developing trusting relationships with our clients as we record their stories. It is especially satisfying to know important local knowledge, a unique slice of history and diverse cultural values are preserved in the telling.

Fiona Craig

Having worked as a journalist, broadcaster and publisher, writing is the form of expression I'm most familiar with. That said, the biographer’s craft is a skill apart. It takes a good ear to convey the essential character in a way that is vital and authentic throughout.

Commissioning my father's biography years ago was the catalyst to put my own skills to work. Now I record and collate the personal histories of others. It is a rare privilege to be entrusted with such a task because the neutral biographer is privy to significant aspects of a life that might not otherwise be told.

Tony Kay

Desk top publishing is more than a little removed from my original line of work in chemistry, IT and robotics. All of this experience I apply to the production side of publishing. I enjoy it all, from the creative opportunities, including photography, to the personal interaction with our clients.

Weaving the Strands