Bigger Than Life – A Mother's Tribute

James Parenga was killed in a car crash at the age of twenty-two. Interviewing his friends and whanau about his life was intense but the book is frank and upbeat, as the introduction reveals ...

Bigger than life

"Jim knew all the tricks. His cousins revered him for it, his friends flung up their hands in frustration and then forgave him for it. Jimmy could get away with murder and still appear crisp 'n' cool and funny.

According to some of his mates, Jimmy never conceded to mucking up. Nor did he harbour regret or guilt. He was too busy pushing on and buoying up others to dwell on the negative. Jimmy's indomitable spirit and apparent lack of emotional baggage were outstanding aspects of his character. There's no accounting for these things. He was imbued with special qualities. End of story. Well no actually – that's just the beginning..."


"Working with Fiona and Tony on a tribute to my son was life changing. After five years our grief was still raw and producing the book gave us somewhere to focus that grief. I would never have done it without them and it would not have been so beautifully completed, nor would copies of it have been requested by three New Zealand university libraries."
– Prudence Spooner

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