Margaret – A Memoir

Recording and penning Margaret’s story was an exercise in mapping gems of provincial New Zealand history as it unfurled in the 1930s. It was the golden age of marbles and cure-all poultices and zips were the latest fashion fastening. "The only boy who had a zip in his jersey was given a marble by schoolmates for the novelty of pulling it up and down," recalled Margaret.

Margaret- A Memoir

At the height of the Napier earthquake the four year old struggled to get up on to her uncle’s shoulders to get further away from the terrifying tremors. "We came outside and the roads were opening up and all the water mains were bursting. After the earthquake Dad would put one leg in the bath, wash all down that side of his upper body and leg, then do the same on the other side so he was ready to run if another earthquake struck."

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Weaving the Strands