Music Maketh The Man – An Immigrant's Story

At the age of 37, Piet Kay came to New Zealand from Holland with his wife and five children. None of them spoke English.

Piet relives his many years as an organist and a 20 year span as musical conductor of the Rotorua District Choir. His story begins in the tiny Dutch village of Wormer where – as a child – he witnessed fuel shortages drive residents to desperate measures...

Music Maketh The Man - An Immigrant's Story

"For warmth my father made fuel for the fire from peat which he dragged out of the canal. He compacted it by walking on it with clogs that had bits of planking screwed to their soles. Once dried, he cut the peat into strips with a special copper knife he made himself. It was quite a process because those strips needed drying again and stacking in such a way the wind could blow through. People were so desperate for wood they stole planks off my father's boat shed. What was left he took apart himself in the end to heat his own household."
– Piet Kay

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