Pats on the Back

Shot at the Somme - Inseparable Brothers’ Miraculous Survival in WWI

"I love it. So excited to distribute to the family. Thank you both so much for getting this dream to reality.
– Jean Kibblewhite, Wairarapa

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Graham Hannah - What the Mind Can See

"Graham Hannah - What the Mind Can See is an exceptional memoir skilfully compiled by writer Fiona Craig and certainly worth a spot on your bookshelf."
– Mike Blake, Waikato Business News, 2 October 2019

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Margaret - A Memoir

"Your sensitive and thorough research in honor of our beautiful and inspirational mother has put in context the many wonderful stories Mum has told us over the years. It has also uncovered significant family history we would never otherwise have known - history that has enlightened and excited us as a family.

"Margaret’s memoir sits on our coffee table in its place of honour. My siblings and extended family are heartened by the realization that Mum's story has been told and will never be forgotten."
– Stephanie Thessman, Dubai

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Bigger Than Life - A Mother's Tribute

"Working with Fiona and Tony on a tribute to my son was life changing. After five years our grief was still raw and producing the book gave us somewhere to focus that grief. I would never have done it without them and it would not have been so beautifully completed, nor would copies of it have been requested by three New Zealand university libraries."
– Prudence Spooner, Te Uku

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Leaving Lithuania - A Refugee's Story

"Fiona, you and Tony have done a superlative job and I very much enjoyed reading [Dad’s biography]. I was impressed with how much information you gleaned from Dad in what seemed to be a relatively short period of time. Thanks so much for the time and attention you’ve given Dad; its been a tremendous thing for him, and both he and I have appreciated the enrichment it’s given him. (And Dad never never would have written it himself!)"
– Antanas Procuta, Cambridge

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In Praise of our Post Office - Kaeo and Whangaroa's Nerve Centre Since 1857

"[In Praise of our Post Office] is a fascinating book, Fiona. It must have taken an enormous amount of research and writing. It’s impressive."
– Kathleen Wynn

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Weaving the Strands