The process – from manuscript development to self-publishing

It generally takes several months to research, write and produce an illustrated biography. The process involves a series of interviews which are recorded, transcribed and edited using the subject's original speech patterns and direct quotes where possible.

When it comes to production, we design the format, cover and overall style of the work in consultation with the client. Then we work with professional printers and binders to complete the project.

Where appropriate, we obtain an ISBN number and place a copy of the book with the National Library of New Zealand.

Once the manuscript has been developed and/or the books have been printed, the client owns the copyright, all entitlement to the work and any profits from sales. Unless specifically requested we generally do not promote and distribute books. That said, when presented with one particularly outstanding story we facilitated its eventual commercial release by developing the manuscript and putting it in the hands of a reputable literary agent. The resulting book, Say Sorry, about Whangarei woman Ann Thompson’s childhood, was published by Penguin (NZ) Group in 2009 and clocked up impressive sales on release.

Weaving the Strands